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The 3 Essentials for Optimization


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When we are talking about automating processes, there are three essentials keys: development tools, workflow engines, and automation robots.

Asignet provides the cloud-based aPaaS platform known as Wayfast. It is the architectural backbone of highly flexible solutions for your mission-critical applications that are currently backed by 11 global patents. It is the best, single comprehensive platform that seamlessly and dynamically ties all aspects of IT assets, usage, and cost into one holistic view for your enterprise. It is the key to optimizing functionality and productivity within your applications.  

Wayfast is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) solution. It is designed to guarantee the full cycle of web applications development. It delivers a workflow/BPM product that enables both business users and IT / Telecom staff to maximize their respective skills.  

Wayfast is a fully integrated testing tool that your company needs to get and keep in step with enterprise growth. With digital transformation in today's increasingly competitive global economy, Asignet’s unique platform and expert services can get you an edge over your competitors.  

We offer a comprehensive solution to the challenges that arise with testing cases. Wayfast is an integrated testing tool that does case testing automatically for you. It streamlines the process, enabling an easy way to aid developers in fixing bugs quickly and efficiently. Wayfast is your multi-development environments manager.  The Wayfast solution offers administration of the different environments. This ensures transparent deployments manage multi-versioning. 


Take the first step to get the only technology that gives you full control of the entire IT Lifecycle. Reach out to your experts at Asignet to see how you can develop, implement, and manage the life-cycle of your web and mobile applications 10x faster.